Add bills via twitter

Adding bills via Twitter is an easy way of entering your bills into Beezang. We realized that one of the things about managing shared expenses that people hate the most is making entries of the bills be it on a notebook, excel or web. This feature is as part of our endevour to make your life simpler. Now you can turn your twitter client into a bill entering machine where making an entry takes you just couple of seconds. Follow the simple steps to get started with adding bills via twitter:
  1. Follow beezang on twitter. We will autofollow you back within sometime. This is because you can send a direct message only to accounts who follow you. To know more read here
  2. Sign into beezang.
  3. Click on settings.
  4. Set your twitter username in the settings page. This helps us map your twitter id to your beezang account.
  5. Whenever you have a bill and you are online on twitter, just send a direct message to beezang. There is no format to remember, send the message anyway you like. e.g. Tickets 400 for movie, 100 bucks lent to Sam, Grocery 400 for group Home
  6. Next time when you sign into Beezang, you will find all these bills on the Notes tab.
  7. Save the bill as an appropriate type (Personal Expense,Debt,Loan,Settlement,Group Bill)