Managing shared expenses with room mates

Do you find yourself spending hours on weekends going through a notebook and bills figuring out who paid for which bills and who owes whom how much ? Or do you maintain your shared expenses on an excel to discover that most of your room mates including you sometimes procrastinate on entering bills.

Beezang simplifies the whole process of managing shared expenses with a group right from making entries of bills to settling up.

To know more how Beezang can make your and your room mates lives simpler, keep reading:

  1. Tracking bills – Enter your bills on the website or if you are busy, send them via a simple email or direct message on Twitter. It will take you just a couple of seconds to enter your bills and get started with tracking.
  2. Keeping everyone on the same page – If you are entering a shared bill, you can opt to share the bill details with your room mates via email. By this you can keep everyone updated about major group expenses.
  3. Know who owes whom how much – You can find out in a single glance how much each group member has paid till date as part of the group expenses and what her total share of expenses was. Beezang does all the maths for you.
  4. Settle Up – Finally when you want to settle up amongs each other, Beezang helps you do the same with optimized settlement plans that requires minimum possible number of transactions. And you can share the settlement plans with your room mates via email too.